Floor Heating System

Using heating film, it is possible to install independent heating systems or even the comfort heating of just one room quickly and at low investment costs. Extra-thin installation layers allow for creating a surface heating without the demolition of the existing concrete.

About Caleo Reg

Perfect renovation system. Heating elements are placed directly under the floor.

CALEO REG system, in comparison with traditional heat storage floor heating systems, uses the heat storage ability of the floor only minimally, resulting in the heating-up time being minutes rather than hours. To be placed in the traditional way, with no need for special layers. It allows the easy implementation of both stand alone and supplementary floor heating systems.

Each room has a separate heating circuit; thus the system can be implemented in more phases, or in just one room. The system is only 6mm thick, so causes no surface increase. It can be easily installed during a simple surface replacement.

Heating element: CALEO PREMIUM 80–130 W/m2 heating
Install height: 6mm
Built-in heating capacity: Individual, depending on the energy demand of the building
Control: BVF Heato double sensor thermostat
Surface Temperature of Door: Max. 29°C by standard