Thermal Storage Floor Heating System

The Caleo Effcient heat storage floor heating system is perfect for building a heating system of average and energy-efficient buildings.

About Caleo Efficient

Number 1 heating solution for low energy demand buildings.

CALEO EFFICIENT heat storage floor heating system is perfect for the development of heating systems in buildings with average and low energy demand.

Heating elements placed in the 4-6 cm thick blind concrete, “heating concrete”, heat up the device evenly, which keeps the room warm for hours even following the heating cycle.

Heating Element: CALEO PREMIUM 80–130 W/m2 heating film
Install Height: 4-8cm
Built in heating capacity: Individual, depending on the energy demand of the building
Control: BVF Heato double sensor thermostat
Surface Tempreture of Floor: Max. 29°C by standard