Wall & Ceiling Heating System

An ideal solution and low investment cost can be made in buildings / premises where the plasterboard suspended ceilings are part of the building or for interior design reasons.

About Caleo Direct

Wall and ceiling heating system. Ideal surface heating solution for lightweight buildings or buildings with large inner height.

It is one of today’s most expanding heating solutions. In case of lightweight structures the plasterboard made false ceiling is included in the construction, so there is no need for extra expenses. CALEO 160 products are unique with their 30-cm size and optimized capacity, which perfectly adapt to modern building structures.

In general, 20-40% of the ceiling is enough for the achievement of necessary heating capacity.

Heating Element: CALEO PREMIUM 160 W/m2 heating film
Install Height: 8cm
Built-in Heating Capacity: Individual, depending on the energy demand of the building
Control: BVF Heato double sensor thermostat
Surface Tempreture of Floor: Max. 50°C by standard