New ‘smart heat’ wood floor designs join Timbertherm range

New ‘smart heat’ wood floor designs join Timbertherm range

Timbertherm – the new heated wood floor – is now available in over 20 finishes. Recently attracting crowds at the Surface Design Show, Timbertherm features integral Far Infrared technology and conducts heat through built-in nano-carbon conductors. The all-in-one ‘smart heat’ solution provides a stylish – and cost effective – alternative to dual wood floor and underfloor heating specifications. It is simple to install, healthy and eco-friendly – and suitable for new builds, renovations and retrofits.

Timbertherm designs now span from Golden Maple to Black Walnut, in sustainable hard maple, elm and walnut. A high performance engineered construction comprises eight individual layers; below the hard wood surface layer nano-carbon conductors are embedded into plywood core layers. Water resistant prefinishes, tested to IP65 (Ingress Protection), include matt, satin and gloss UV lacquer, and each board measures 1.2m/0.6m in length x 165mm x 18mm.

The floor’s Far Infrared heat conductors warm to 26oc (max) in less than five minutes. Like sunlight, the smart heat produced warms objects, rather than the air, minimizing temperature fluctuations. As no dust particles are raised, Timbertherm also creates a healthy environment, as well as reducing heating costs by up to 60% and giving 40% more efficiency.

Timbertherm can be installed on most dry, level surfaces. Floor height issues associated with separate heating pads are eliminated, as is the subfloor preparation necessary with traditional wet underfloor heating systems. During installation, the first board is connected to the power cord and at the end of each row waterproof caps are attached to the connectors. Rows are joined using a standard tongue and groove joint and all boards have a micro-chip, for traceability, and can be individually replaced if required. Timbertherm is also offered with a 10-year guarantee and production complies with EN60335-1 and EN60335-2-96 (patent pending).

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