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What Is Far Infrared Heat and Is It Good for You?

You may well have heard of infrared heat – either from exploring our website or in other applications, like saunas and heating pads used to treat ailments like back pain.  In each case, the science is pretty much the same.

Infrared is part of the Sun’s invisible spectrum that we experience as heat.  It’s a type of electromagnetic radiation, which involves rays that can pass through the vacuum of space; that’s why we feel the sun’s warmth, even though it is 150 million km away.  Infrared radiant heat is divided into three segments – near, middle and far.

Whilst some types of electromaganetic radiation can be dangerous, like ultraviolet and x-rays, far-infrared is safe and offers many benefits.

At the ‘near’ end of the spectrum, infrared waves have shorter wavelengths and radiate at a higher frequency.  Infrared waves at the ‘far’ end have longer wavelengths radiating at a lower frequency; this makes them less intense.  Short ‘near’ waves produce higher temperatures externally, but long ‘far’ waves provide a more gentle, comfortable heating.

Just like heat from the sun, far infrared heat warms objects, rather than the air.

These heated objects then release their warmth into the environment, which is how a Timbertherm floor works.   Unlike conventional heating which warms the air, Infrared heating minimises the difference between floor and ceiling temperatures and room temperature is easily maintained and restored.  As it doesn’t create air currents that raise dust particles, it’s also an ideal form of heat for allergy sufferers.  There are other health benefits too, as it can help promote: cardiovascular health, due to increased blood circulation and oxygen levels; a stronger immune system, due to increased white blood cells, and the ability to heal faster from soft tissue injuries such as tears, pulls and sprains.

To find out more about the science behind Timbertherm, visit How it works.

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