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General Questions

Can I lay the flooring myself? Does it require specialist tools?

All of Interwall Technolgies products are quick and easy to install. There are no specialist tools required, making it the perfect solution for even for the most novice DIY enthusiast to install. We would, however, recommend that you use a qualified electrician when connecting to a mains supply.

Can I use it in my kitchen or bathroom? Is it safe?

Yes, Interwall Technologies has a range that is tested to IP65 (ingress protection), so it can be used in bathrooms and kitchens.

How do the running costs compare to other heating solutions?

Interwall Technologies range is up to 40% more efficient and up to 60% more cost effective than any other form of heating.

Is it safe to use in my home? Has it been tested?

All of our products are perfectly safe to use in your home. They has been rigorously tested by independent laboratories to the most stringent European safety standards and has been awarded both CE and ROHS certifications.

What maintenance does the flooring require?

Once installed, there is no maintenance required. To keep it looking good, just vacuum or sweep and clean, as necessary, with a damp cloth or mop the surface.

Do I need to use special insulation or underlay?

No, there is no requirement for special insulation or underlay. Standard  5mm expanded polystyrene or Duraly Timbermate Exel Gold underlay can be used, which is available from all good flooring and DIY stores.

Is it compatible with smart thermostats?

Interwall Technologies offer ranges of smart thermostats. Please refer to manufacturer instructions of your chosen solution for further information on installation and always seek professional advice if you are not sure.

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